14 Ways to Save on Heating Costs This Winter

The cold weather is really setting in, and for many people that means it’s time to turn up the heat. If you’re like most people, that also means dreading high energy bills. But, fortunately, you can stay warm this winter without breaking the bank. We’ve got the tips you need to cut heating costs this winter, right here.

Layer Up

Layering up might seem like an obvious one, but if you or anyone in your home spends the winter strolling around in a t-shirt, this one is for you. Staying bundled up at home means you can keep the heat a little lower and can help you save more than you’d expect on heating costs.

Throw on a sweater or sweatshirt, put on some fuzzy socks, and top it all off with your favorite beanie. Not only will this keep you warmer without raising the energy bill, but you’ll also be oh so comfortable. After all, winter will be over before you know it so why not get the most out of your favorite winter threads?

Accessorize Your Home With Warmth

You’ve probably decorated for many reasons before, but if you’ve never decorated for warmth, this winter is the time to start. Use flannel sheets and an extra warm comforter on your bed, and keep warm blankets on your couches. Adorn your windows with insulated curtains, and keep your floors covered with rugs for more warmth.

Free Solar Power

The sun is an excellent source of heat, even in the winter. While it might not be sunny every day, keep your blinds open on sunny days and let in some natural heat. Just don’t forget to close your curtains when the sun goes down to keep the heat inside.

Limit Kitchen Fans

While kitchen fans are great at clearing the air and getting rid of unwanted smells, they also let out a bunch of hot air. To keep the heat in your home this year, try to minimize your kitchen fan use.

Maximize Ceiling Fans

Kitchen fans will let the heat out of your home but believe it or not; ceiling fans can be used to maximize energy conservation and save on heating costs. Hot air rises, but switching your ceiling fans on in a clockwise direction will help with airflow. On a low setting, your ceiling fan will push the air back down, keeping your home warmer.

Change Your Filters

We say this a lot, but only because it’s essential. Regularly changing your furnace filters will make the job easier for your furnace or heat pump. Not only will that keep your heating system in better shape, but when your heating system is overworked, it leads to higher energy costs, so by simply changing your filters you gain a lot.

Use a Programmable Thermostat to Lower the Heat

Of course, one of the best ways to lower your energy bill is by using less heat this winter, but you want to do it without giving up on your comfort too. Lower the heat while you sleep and let the flannel sheets and warm comforter do the work to keep you warm and comfortable all night.

And if no one is home during the day, make sure the heat is lowered then too. The US Department of Energy says that just turning your heat down by 7-10 degrees for 8 hours a day (or night) can save you up to 10% on heating costs.

Lowering your heat at night or when you’re not around doesn’t have to be a huge pain either. With a programmable thermostat, monitoring your home temperature is a pretty effortless process.

Don’t put a Damper on Your Comfort

Having your fireplace on is a great way to stay warm during the winter, and there’s just something unmatchable about the ambiance that a fire creates, but when you’re done using it make sure to shut the damper.

Leaving the damper open will quickly lead to heat loss, so always shut the damper as soon as your done to keep the warmth of that fire burning long after it’s gone out.  

Clear the Way for Your Vents

Make sure to keep your vents clear by moving any furniture, rugs, etc. that could block the heat from getting into your home. There’s nothing worse than paying for heat that you can’t even feel.

Ditch Your Old System

Sometimes you need to accept when it’s time to move on. Buying a new heating system can be an easy choice to avoid, but in the long run, using an old or damaged heating system will cost you more than a replacement.

Have your local HVAC experts take a look at your system and take care of any needed maintenance. They’ll be able to tell you the hard truth about whether you need a new system or not.

Only Heat the Rooms You Use

If you have rooms in your home that you don’t always use, like a storage or guest room, close the vents in those rooms to cut on heat costs and keep the warmth in the spaces you use.


If you haven’t fully insulated while taking care of your fall home maintenance checklist, get a move on! Insulating will keep all the cold air out and the heat in and can save you a lot more than you’d think on heating costs.

Get an Energy Audit

It’s best to get an energy audit before winter starts, but if you haven’t had one yet, it can help cut heating costs. An energy audit will evaluate the energy efficiency of your home and let you know of any improvements you can make.

Use a Humidifier

By using a humidifier during the winter, you can lower your heat by a few degrees without losing any warmth. Plus using a humidifier this winter comes with more benefits like fighting dry air, protecting your skin,  preserving the wood in your home, and more.

AirXperts Can Help Keep Your Home Warm

At AirXperts, our skilled HVAC professionals can do so much to help keep your home warm this winter. From heating system maintenance to installing a humidifier, we’ve got your back. Call us today, and see how we can make this winter your warmest yet.

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