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Improve your HVAC & home maintenance game

We all have some bad habits, yes, but poor home maintenance and upkeep of your HVAC system does not have to be one of them. This year, you can resolute to as well as the resolutions you have set for your personal improvement. These necessary routine tasks can cause a lot of unnecessary strain on a homeowner, and your HVAC system, if they are not well kept. You are not alone; we have a checklist, of sorts, to help you along your way into this new year.

Remember to replace your air filter every 90 days

Remember to replace your air filter every 90 days. The benefits of remembering to change the filter make it worth taking the time to write yourself a reminder. This is way too simple of a task to be overlooked. If you are not sure what size or type of filter you need, you can usually check the filter you are removing for that information.


It wouldn’t be a terrible idea to check the air filter during the times when outside temperatures have been at their peak highs or lows. There are times we notice our system kicking on and off more frequently. If your HVAC system is running more often, or for longer duration of time, then it is also pulling air through the filter more often or for longer durations of time.

Check It Out

We take care of most of our valuable things by keeping an eye on them and staying aware of their most current condition. That same observation should be made of your HVAC system. A very good practice would be to designate one day out of each month to walk through and around your home to take a visual observation of your HVAC system.

Should You Worry about Insulation?

It is very important, but often forgotten, to examine the insulation on your refrigerant lines that run into your home. We suggest making this insulation audit part of your monthly HVAC system maintenance routine. The insulation will need to be replaced if any part of it looks like something is missing, altered, or damaged anywhere along the line s.

Get the Best Flow

You will maintain a more even temperature with better air flow produced throughout your home by keeping all the registers open. There should never be more than twenty percent of your total registers closed at any given time. Of course, when all registers are completely open and clear from clutter, you will allow your system to perform more efficiently.

Make sure all the doors and windows remain closed. It helps to keep air flow and temperatures comfortable when the air isn’t flowing on out the door.

Bring in the Professionals

Schedule a checkup for your HVAC systems twice a year to ensure good HVAC health. Usually, HVAC system checkups are recommended to be set during the milder seasons of Spring and Fall.

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