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What is the Purpose of a Heat Pump?

A heat pump looks like an air conditioner. In fact, it even acts just like an air conditioner in the summer time by compressing refrigerant to chill it, and sending the chilled refrigerant inside to the indoor coil. Once the indoor coil is filled with cold refrigerant, the fan motor in the furnace or air handler forces warm air from the home through the chilled pipes to both cool and dehumidify the air.

The difference in a heat pump and air conditioner is the fact that a heat pump can also heat your home in the Winter. A heat pump is all electric just like an air conditioner. It is able to heat by reversing the cooling process. Instead of chilling refrigerant, it extracts heat energy from the air outside, and uses this heat energy to heat up the refrigerant, and then send that inside to the indoor coil. Even when the air is cold, heat energy still remains.

Heat Pump Efficiency

The efficiency of a heat pump is measured with a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) for cooling and a Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) for heating. The higher the ratings, the more efficient the equipment. Indoor components such as the coil and fan motor also play a role in overall efficiency. For a heat pump only installation, an air handler (also called a fan coil) is used inside. A fan coil in a basic sense is the combination of the coil from an evaporator coil and the fan motor from a furnace.

Hybrid Heating

As a leading West Virginia air conditioning company, we also offer hybrid heating solutions. Hybrid heating means that instead of a furnace and air conditioner, or air handler and heat pump, we install a furnace and a heat pump. But why two heating sources? Because at certain temperatures an electric heat pump is more efficient than a gas furnace. With a hybrid heating installation, your thermostat will intelligently switch between heating sources depending on the temperature.

Heat Pump Brands We Recommend

Air Xperts is committed to providing the finest West Virginia heating and air conditioning solutions by using industry best equipment, and providing technical excellence in installation, repair and maintenance services. Although we are experienced and capable of working on any brand of equipment, we have found that Goodman, Rheem, York & American Standard air conditioning products have some of the highest efficiency ratings and performance capabilities in the business! As a leader in West Virginia heating and air conditioner solutions, we encourage you to give us a call today at (304) 562-7300!

Natural Gas Furnace

For a typical West Virginia home split system, there is an air conditioner located outside, and a gas furnace and evaporator coil located inside the home in a closet, garage or attic.

Once the heat exchanger has had time to heat up, the fan motor inside the furnace pulls cool air from the home, and forces the air through the hot heat exchanger. This in turns heats up the air and it is then redistributed into the home via ductwork. Some furnaces can also be converted to use propane instead of natural gas for more remote West Virginia area locations.

Furnace Efficiency

The efficiency of a gas furnace is measured with an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating. An AFUE rating indicates the percentage of fuel that is turned into actual heat energy vs. being wasted. Air Xperts offers various brands of furnaces with AFUE ratings up to 95% which means 95 percent of gas used is being converted to heat energy!

Hybrid Heating

As a leading West Virginia heating contractor, Air Xperts also offers hybrid heating solutions. Hybrid heating means that instead of a furnace and air conditioner, we install a gas furnace and an electric heat pump. At certain temperatures an electric heat pump is more efficient than a gas furnace, and when our West Virginia winter days are very cold, a gas furnace is cheaper to run than an electric heat pump. With a hybrid heating installation, your thermostat will intelligently switch between the two heating sources depending on the outside temperature.

Furnace Brands

Air Xperts technicians have the experience required to work on all brands of equipment. For new installations, we base our West Virginia HVAC services on the foundation of Goodman, Rheem, York & American Standard equipment for reliable, efficient heating and air conditioning performance. Call us today at (304) 562-7300.

Geothermal Heating & Cooling

Did you know that you can heat and cool your home with the energy that is found in your own backyard? Air temperature fluctuates throughout the year but ground temperatures typically are constant year around. Geothermal heating and cooling systems use special equipment several feet below the earths surface to take advantage of the grounds steady temperatures.

At AirXperts, we specialize in geothermal heat pumps. There are many benefits to having us install geothermal in your home. Geothermal heat pumps are an energy efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat and cool your home using the underground temperature in your yard. Geothermal heating in West Virginia reduces energy bills up to 80% for heating and cooling your home and provides free hot water. These systems qualify for a 30% tax credit, which further reduces the installation cost.

We specialize in providing a geothermal system which uses a waterless direct exchange technology that significantly outperforms traditional air-source heat pumps.

In addition, the direct exchange system is significantly more efficient than the traditional water-based geothermal systems.

Using the constant temperature of the ground, this innovative technology uses a simplified copper tubing design to directly exchange heat with the ground. The copper tubing is installed deep in the ground and contains a colorless, odorless, tasteless, and non-toxic refrigerant. This tubing is used to extract the Earth’s heat to warm the house during winter and to remove indoor heat during the summer.

Not only will it keep you warm in winter and cool in summer but will also save you money on energy bills, reduce maintenance costs, and help decrease environmental impact. The EPA and US Department of Energy have both recognized geothermal direct exchange technology as the most efficient and environmentally friendly home heating and cooling system available and is included as part of the EnergyStar® program.