10 Must Do’s For Preparing Your Home for Summer: The Ultimate Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

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Ready to tackle your summer home maintenance checklist?

With warmer weather quickly approaching, chances are you’ve probably been ready for summer for a while now. But how ready for summer is your home?

We know you’re more than ready for the family vacations, lounging at the beach or poolside, and enjoying endless barbeques, so to help you get your home ready for summer quick and easy, we’ve got your ultimate home maintenance checklist right here.

Time for an AC Tune-up

As the temperatures rise, your AC is about to become your best friend again. Now is the time to make sure your AC is in perfect working condition so that you can keep cool all summer long. Replace your air filters, clean the area around your AC, and most importantly, have an expert HVAC technician perform an AC tune-up.

Maintaining your AC system is the best thing you can do for energy efficiency and savings. Even the smallest actions like changing your air filter regularly can cut your AC’s energy consumption by 5-15%, while also keeping the air in your home clean and fresh.

Prepare for Summer Weather

The summer weather brings with it different conditions, which means weatherproofing your home is an essential item on your summer home maintenance checklist.

Once your AC is ready for optimal cooling, you want to ensure that all that cool air stays in your home, so make sure to check for leaks and cracks, especially around windows and doors. If you find any, seal them up with sealant or caulking.

On top of high temperatures, summer often means rain, and sometimes this can lead to water damage and flooding, so make sure your home is safeguarded. Check your home’s foundation, specifically your basement for leaks, cracks, or holes and seal them up. Also, make sure to check your roof for any damage that needs to be repaired.

Clear Your Gutters and Downspouts

Another important part of protecting your home from summer rains is cleaning and inspecting your gutters and downspouts. You want to ensure that all water is moving away from your home, not towards it.

An easy way to test this is by running your garden hose in your gutter, and examining the gutter system all around your home, keeping an eye out for water going anywhere you don’t want it.

Bug Be Gone

Summer brings with it many amazing things, but it also brings unwanted pests and critters. Whether they make it into your home to escape the heat or to feast on leftover crumbs, no one wants a bug infestation.

You can help keep your home bug free by making sure all holes, drafts and leaks that bugs can get in through are adequately sealed, which you should be doing anyway to keep your home cool and save on energy.

It’s also a good idea to spray the perimeter of your home, as well as windows, doors, baseboards, and sinks. For optimal safety for your family and pets, opt for a natural pest spray.

Fix Your Fans

If you have ceiling fans in your home, make sure they’re on your summer home maintenance checklist. Give your fans a cleaning to free them of all the dust that’s collected over the winter, and then make sure they’re set to spin in the right direction.

Ceiling fans are meant to spin in different directions depending on the season, and during the summer it’s best to have them set to turn counter-clockwise to help with air circulation and lessen the pressure on your AC.

Protect Your Lawn

Depending on the weather you experience during the summer, from high temperatures to frequent rains, preparing your lawn is definitely an important item on any summer home maintenance checklist.

To combat scorching temperatures and heavy sunlight, add some extra fertilizer to keep grass lively and green. This is also a good time to plant some new plants and flowers to boost curb appeal. If you live somewhere where the rain can be frequent, increase your soil drainage by installing raised garden beds or mix compost or mulch into your soil.

While you’re at it, give your shrubs and trees a trim too.

Prepare for an Empty Home

For many, summer means taking vacations and spending time away from home, so make sure you have an empty home checklist so you can hit the road with your mind at ease.

Include items like unplugging all electronics and appliances, set thermostats to energy saving settings, clean up crumbs, and have a friend or family member check in to water the plants, grab the mail, and check for suspicious activity.

Stock Your Storm Emergency Kit

Summertime in the United States also means hurricane season, and regardless of where you live, you’re probably at some risk of dealing with severe weather. Having an emergency storm kit ready can save you a ton of headache, and doesn’t have to be complicated or challenging to put together.

Simply stock a container with some essential emergency items like a first aid kit, flashlights, batteries, bottles of water, canned and nonperishable food, cellphone chargers, a handheld radio, etc.

Check Your Outdoor Plumbing

Winter can be harsh on outdoor plumbing, so make sure inspecting outdoor spigots and irrigation systems is on your summer home maintenance checklist. Test out your outdoor faucets and hoses and make sure water is flowing well, a slow trickle might mean you have a problem that needs professional assistance.

If you have an inground sprinkler system, make sure to inspect that too. Check your sprinkler controller and valves. Also keep an eye out for worn pieces, pressure surges, broken sprinkler heads, or debris blockage in sprinkler heads.

Examine Your Summer Tools and Toys

From lawnmowers to your grill, your summer home maintenance checklist is the perfect time to make sure all your summer tools and toys are ready to use. Make sure everything is cleaned, well maintained, and working properly.

This also includes bringing out the patio furniture and taking a look at playground equipment to make sure everything is in usable condition.

Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy

Once all the items are checked off your summer home maintenance list, you’ll be ready to enjoy your summer to the fullest. To help get a big ticket item crossed off your list, contact AirXperts today, for all your AC tune-up and HVAC maintenance needs.

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