Which Hvac Company Do you trust?

What to do if two HVAC contractors give you quotes for the same job, but the prices are far from the same!

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Which HVAC contractor’s advice do you take?

Well, besides getting a third opinion we suggest that you write down all the facts. Take both estimates and lay them side by side. Take into account the year your home was built. If you are able to, and you live in a neighborhood that was built by the same contractor, ask the neighbors what sort of work they have had to do to their heating and cooling systems in the past. It could give you a good idea if the contract work done on your home was done by a pro with a conscious, or if it was done by someone that liked to cut corners just to get jobs done faster.

How did they justify calculating the costs of repairing the issue you have at hand?

Did the contractors calculate the existing heating and cooling loads? It could be a red flag if the contractor was not or is not willing or capable of doing a Manual J, or an equivalent load calculation, on your home.

To help consumers, ACCA developed a consumer checklist and made it available for free download on acca.org — you can download the residential checklist here. We also would recommend utilizing the checklist to evaluate contractors.

Use the QI checklists to compare potential providers, so you can see what value you’re really getting for your dollar, and don’t ever hire a contractor who tells you that a Manual J is a “waste of time” when you’re replacing a system. By saying so they have proven that they have very little experience in the field, especially since in many regions it’s required by law — and it’s always the right thing to do.

How long has that contractor been in business?

Typically speaking, if a contractor has been in business for 10 years plus, they are usually doing something right. You don’t stay in business if you are ripping off your customers. word gets around!

Check referenced and look at their online ratings.

Check out to see if they have any customer ratings or customer testimonials. See if they have a Facebook page or if they have a google business listing. If they have a 4.5-5 star rating, it’s a good sign that this is a contractor that you can trust!

Ask them WHY or WHY NOT?

If it turns out that they both have good ratings and they have both been in business for a long period of time, then talk to them both individually and have them explain WHY they don’t thinks “this or that” needs done. Then mention to them that you have also gotten advice from someone else and this is what they said. If they can debunk what the other said it may help you figure out which to trust, over the other.

They could just not know any better.

Keep in mind, it could be that one contractor has thought of some factors that the other didn’t take into consideration when they listed the items that needed fixed. They may not have had the experience needed to justify what COULD go wrong if the additional job items aren’t completed. Sometimes in this situation, going the cheapest route may not be the best option.

Sometimes going cheap can cost you MORE later.

Finally, do they have the proper licensing and experience!?

Besides knowing how long they have been in business, and gathering rebuttable refference, see if you can find out about their training history. How did they get into the HVAC business. What sort of lincesnes do they have and are they up to date?

Your HVAC system is probably the most expensive piece of equipment in your home. Make sure whoever is working on it is also qualified to do so! Better yet, make sure they are qualified to work on the brands you currently have installed.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, as they say. Large differences in contractor quotes can raise red flags. Sometimes those are justified and sometimes they aren’t. Make sure you do your own due diligence. Typically they aren’t out to get you and just want to help you solve the problem at hand!

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