How to Hide Your AC Unit and Boost Curb Appeal

If you live anywhere where it gets hot, like summertime in Western Virginia, then you probably love your AC unit, but chances are you’re not so crazy about the way it looks. Let’s face it, as important of a role as well maintained AC units play in our lives; they can be a huge eyesore and seriously reduce a home’s curb appeal.

But how can you hide your AC Unit when it needs to be clear of obstruction so that it still performs optimally? Luckily there are some easy ways to hide your AC unit, enhance your outdoor home aesthetic, and increase your curb appeal.

Tall Shrubs and Vegetation

leaves fence background

If you’re into greenery a great way to hide an AC unit is by planting tall shrubs and vegetation either around your entire home or around the AC unit. Not only will taller plants, flowers, shrubs, or hedges hide your AC unit but they’ll add an extra touch of color, texture, and nature to your home.

This is an easy way to have fun with hiding your AC unit because you have so many options. If you love the idea of helping the environment with pollination or just want a yard full of bees and butterflies, then you can opt for vegetation that attracts pollinators. Or if you want a zen oriental vibe, you can experiment with tall bamboo.

Outdoor Privacy Screen

Beautiful hand carved retro wooden folding screen

If you want to hide your AC unit with minimal effort then buying an outdoor privacy screen is the way to go. Outdoor privacy screens come in many different materials, colors, and styles, so there’s one to match every home aesthetic.

Outdoor privacy screens can also be arranged in multiple ways so you can fit them in a variety of spaces. The best part? They’re stand-alone structures, so you don’t have to attach them to anything.

Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden, Building Exterior, Plant, Office Building Exterior, Ornamental Garden

If you don’t want to opt for tall vegetation, you can either buy or build a frame that supports plants in between the slats. Vertical gardens can be anything from super modern and fancy to DIY. If you feel like taking on a DIY project, you can make a simple frame out of pallet parts.

You can cover the frame in your favorite garden plants, or even your favorite vertical growth fruits and vegetables. This is an especially great choice for those who want a garden but don’t have unlimited space to work with.

Climbing Vines

old wooden wall overgrown with climbing plant, beautiful background

If you don’t just want to prop up a privacy screen and prefer something greener, you can use a fence, lattice screen, trellises, or anything else with vertical support to grow your favorite vines.

There’s just something really beautiful about vines, and they’ll do a great job covering your AC unit. Just make sure that they don’t become overgrown and get in the way of your AC units operation.

Wood Panel Box/Fence

wooden bird boxes or birdhouses on a wooden wall, background texture close-up

Creating a wood panel box or fence around your AC unit can be so versatile and can be customized to meet all needs. If you want a modern AC unit cover, you can use polished redwood, or you can use untreated wood for a more rustic or natural look, and so much more.

If you want to do more than cover your AC unit with wood panels, you can even attach bird feeders to the wooden panels to both add some character and attract more natural beauty too.

Staying Cool and Stylish this Summer

With summer and high temperatures coming soon, it’s time for your AC to do its job. Now that you know how to hide your AC unit so your home looks good, remember to make sure it’s ready to run all summer long by scheduling your AC tune-up with AirXperts today!

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