Understanding the Different Types of HVAC Systems

Choosing the right HVAC system can be overwhelming, but when you know what your options are, the decision is a lot easier. To get you started on making the best choice for a new unit, we’re going to explain the four main types of HVAC systems.  

Reasons to Upgrade Your HVAC System 

There are so many reasons to upgrade to a new HVAC system, including:

Four Types of HVAC Systems 

Split System 

Heating and cooling split systems are the most common type of HVAC systems. As you can probably guess, this system involves a separate unit for cooling and heating. The cooling system is an outdoor unit, and the heating system is an indoor unit. A traditional thermostat generally controls these systems.

Split systems are the most common HVAC system because they are universally adaptable. These systems can keep most homes at the desired temperature. Split HVAC systems come with a simple design, which makes heating and cooling your home or business easier to manage. Plus, these systems are also easier to install. 

A downside of a split systems is that they require ductwork. So if you have a home or business that doesn’t have ductwork or where installing ductwork would be costly, this isn’t the best option. 

Hybrid System 

A hybrid system is like a more energy-efficient version of a traditional split system. These systems use an electric heat pump paired with a furnace that can burn natural gas, propane, or fuel. Keep in mind that a heat pump can both heat and cool your home. So essentially a hybrid system uses one system to both heat and cool your home. 

This system allows for your HVAC unit to switch from gas power, which is faster, to electric, which is both more efficient and quieter. Through this process, this type of HVAC system helps mitigate energy costs, making it a great option. 

The most significant advantage of a hybrid HVAC system is it’s energy efficiency, leading to lower energy bills for you. These systems are especially useful for homes in areas where winters are harsh, making sufficient heating a necessity. 

Ductless Mini Split 

Before, we mentioned that a traditional split system isn’t a good option in areas without ductwork or where installing or upgrading ductwork would be too expensive. Well, the ductless mini-split is a solution to that problem. 

You can put ductless mini-splits  in only the rooms in your home or business where they are needed. During installation, an HVAC specialist will mount your unit directly on a wall and connect it to an outdoor compressor. Ductless mini-splits are visibly obvious, but they have their benefits.

In addition to being great for spaces without ductwork, ductless mini-split HVAC systems are also useful for managing heating and cooling in separate zones of your home. You can control each zone with a ductless mini-split independently. So if some like it hot, while others in your home like to keep temperatures cooler, everyone is happy. 

Ductless mini-split HVAC systems are also the perfect choice for new additions to your home since they are easier to install and control. Ductless mini-split HVAC systems can also reduce energy costs and enhance energy eficiency by only heating or cooling rooms in use.  

Packaged Heating and Air Conditioning 

As you can probably infer from the name, this type of HVAC system has heating and cooling all in one package. A packaged HVAC system contains a compressor, condenser, and evaporator all in one unit. The contained unit is kept inside in a space like an attic or storage space. 

A packaged heating and air conditioning system is an ideal option for smaller spaces, homes, or offices that don’t have adequate space for a split system. These systems are also a good option for homes or offices that don’t have space for an outdoor unit. 

Packaged HVAC systems can be very efficient. Maintenance for these systems can also be easier than other systems so that you can save both space and time. These HVAC systems are best for homes in warmer climates, where intense heating isn’t necessary. 

AirXperts Can Help You Choose the Perfect System 

There are so many advantages to installing a new HVAC system, and now that you know your options, the choice should be a little eaiser. But we understand that narrowing down the very best HVAC system for your home or business can still be time consuming and challenging, and that’s why we’re here to help. Contact AirxPerts today, and let our experts help you choose the ideal HVAC system. 


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