Family in front of home enjoying the day. Add Custom Ductwork to Your Modular Home.

3 Reasons to Add Custom Ductwork to Your Modular Home

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There’s a lot to consider when planning a modular home, moving into a new home, or staying on top of home maintenance, but one important component that might slip your mind is ductwork. Believe it or not, proper ductwork can impact your life a lot more than you might think. Understanding why you should add custom ductwork to your modular …

house plan with working tools. Upgrading Your HVAC System.

Why You Should Consider Upgrading Your HVAC System before you sell!

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A lot goes into selling your house, but upgrading your HVAC system can make a bigger difference than you might think. Whether you’re getting ready to sell your home as soon as possible or five years down the line, there’s a lot to consider. From deciding if you need a real estate agent, to choosing the right renovations, all the …

Geothermal energy

Different Types of Home Heating Options Available in 2018

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Did you know there are many home heating options available in 2018? With all of the home heating options available in 2018, which one is best for you? Is it a heat pump, geothermal energy, hybrid heating, solar heating, or a natural gas furnace? And after you decide which one, then which brand of equipment are you going to use? There’s …

home air filter close up macro zoom show the dirt and particle cause bacteria inflection and sickness.

Why It’s Important To Change Your Furnace Filters

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Have you changed your Furnace Filters lately? Changing the furnace filters is an important but overlooked maintenance task. However, to improve the lifespan of your furnace and the air quality of your home, it is crucial you change your furnace filter from time to time. You can also save money because changing the filter on your furnace makes your furnace system …

Builder Fitting Insulation Into Roof Of New Home to help with energy conservation

Why Insulation Has A Vital Role To Play In Your Energy Conservation

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  Is the insulation in your home helping your energy conservation? Insulation is a cost-effective way of making a house more energy efficient, and who doesn’t like to help with energy conservation? It keeps homes warmer during winter and cooler during summers. Insulation saves homeowners up to 80% on heating and cooling energy. It also improves the health benefits by …

heat pump works by extracting energy stored in the ground or water and converts this in a building heating system. Heat pumps work on the same principles as a fridge, cooling System, or air conditioning.

Benefits Of A Heat Pump System & Why You Need One

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Because of climate change, you might have considered getting a heat pump system. A heat pump system can provide you with another alternative to using your air conditioners. Heat pump systems offer services like moderating heating and cooling needs. Heat pump system also offers an energy-efficient alternative to air conditioner and furnaces. There are three types of heat pump systems. …

Duck work in new construction ceiling

3 Common Air Duct Problems and the Benefits of Fixing Them

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Ductwork is a component of your HVAC system, and air duct problems do occur. Your ductwork is hidden away in your ceilings and the home’s wall. Air ducts should be installed by an expert to avoid all the problems that come with them. Poorly designed or damaged air ducts cause problems with your HVAC system and your home in general. …

5 Biggest Benefits of Using a Humidifier During Winter

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The benefits of using a humidifier in your home should be shared with everyone. It’s an excellent addition to your home, for your health, your pet’s health and your visitors. Wintertime is absolutely the best time to have a high-quality humidifier in your home, especially for fighting those colds and seasonal allergies. In the winter, the home air is naturally drier, …

Taking Care of Air Conditioning Unit

How About Using A Heat Pump To Cool The Day!

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A heat pump looks like an air conditioner. In fact, it even acts just like an air conditioner in the summer time by compressing refrigerant to chill it, and sending the chilled refrigerant inside to the indoor coil. Once the indoor coil is filled with cold refrigerant, the fan motor in the furnace or air handler forces warm air from …