6 Simple HVAC Tips to Follow for Halloween Safety

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Halloween is right around the corner, which means costumes, parties, trick or treating, and decorations. Spooky Halloween decorations are one of the best parts of Halloween. They spark the start of holiday decorations, let children know which houses to trick or treat at, and take parties to the next level. But, believe it or not, without the right safety tips, your Halloween decorations can lead to unwanted HVAC issues. For a fun Halloween and an HVAC system that keeps running optimally, follow these HVAC tips for Halloween decorations:

Halloween HVAC Tips

Don’t Block Your Indoor Air Vents 

Your air vents play an essential role in maintaining airflow, but if they’re blocked, your HVAC system has to work harder. When your HVAC unit works harder, it reduces its efficiency leading to higher energy bills and over time, damage to your system. Year-round, it’s best practice to never block your air vents with furniture, rugs, etc.

During the spooky season, many people decorate the insides of their homes, whether its for hosting parties or being festive. If you’re going to use Halloween decorations inside your home, make sure to keep them away from your vents.

Don’t Decorate Your Outside Unit 

If you feel like your outdoor unit is an eyesore, it might be tempting to use Halloween decorations to cover it up, but that can lead to big problems. Just like your indoor vents, your outdoor heating and cooling systems both need unobstructed airflow to function correctly and efficiently. 

Not only does airflow blockage damage your HVAC unit, but that’s not the only problem. Small items or pieces from Halloween decorations hung on, around, or above your outdoor unit can get stuck inside the unit, leading to costly damages. There are plenty of other places to hang Halloween decorations. 

And, if you’re looking for a way to hide your outdoor AC unit in general, there are many other safe options.

Be Mindful of Your Air Filters

Fake webs are a popular Halloween decoration because they’re easy to use and super affordable too. But whether you are using them inside or outside, fibers can come loose, mix into your air, and end up in your air filter. 

You should already be routinely checking and changing your air filter because a clogged air filter can reduce HVAC efficiency by up to 15%. Plus, dirty or clogged air filters put a strain on your HVAC system, reduce indoor air quality, and more. As a Halloween HVAC tip, after taking down your decorations, you should make check your air filter and replace it if needed. 

Keep a Clearance Around Heating Units and Fireplaces

The end of October might mean the start of turning the heat on at night or enjoying a nice warm fire, but if you have decorations around your home,  keep them away from heating units and open flames. Make sure to keep a 3-foot clearance around all heat and open flames, like space heaters, furnaces, and fireplaces. 

Be Energy Efficient

Depending on how hard you go with the Halloween decorations you might be using strobe lights, projectors, hanging lights, speakers, and screens that make your house the spookiest on the block. If that’s you, then we applaud the effort, but remember that all this added energy use will lead to a higher electricity bill. 

That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun. Simple tips and tricks can help make your Halloween decoration energy use more manageable. Opt for solar-powered lights if possible, and always turn all your decorations off before going to bed. 

Practice Caution With Candles

Everyone loves candles, they add ambiance, light, and lovely scents to any room, but they can also be a huge fire hazard. When using candles, always remember to keep them away from your furnace’s indoor unit. It’s also best to keep candles away from open vents so that soot doesn’t build up in your ducts and get carried around your home. 

Expert HVAC Tips and Maintenance From AirXperts 

Following these Halloween HVAC tips will keep your system running optimally, and avoid any spooky scares. For more tips on HVAC maintenance and care and all your HVAC needs, contact Airxperts today! 

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