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3 Common Air Duct Problems and the Benefits of Fixing Them

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Ductwork is a component of your HVAC system, and air duct problems do occur.

Your ductwork is hidden away in your ceilings and the home’s wall. Air ducts should be installed by an expert to avoid all the problems that come with them. Poorly designed or damaged air ducts cause problems with your HVAC system and your home in general. There are several things you need to know about the air duct, how poorly designed and damaged air ducts cause problems and Method of preventing the problems.

What are the main air duct problems that we find?

While you need a heating and cooling system in your home, you also need a healthy air duct for the system. Here are some major problems that air ducts have

Leaks and gaps: as time passes, air ducts tend to develop holes and gaps. Two pieces of air ducts are joined together during installation and over time they tend to separate. If your air ducts experience these problems, you need to call a technician to repair them before it gets damaged completely. Leaking air ducts means less conditioned air traveling into your house rooms and this leads to higher energy bills.

Improper design: improper designed and installed air duct cause problems. Apart from your system not working efficiently, improper designing also means the air duct can transport air too far and fast. Air duct should travel shorter spans to help if the transportation of the air fast.

Lack of insulation in air ducts: Some technicians and the homeowner fail to add insulation to save on cost. However, insulation is vital if you want your air duct to work properly and avoid serious air duct problems.

Non-insulated air ducts cause problems. Insulation helps your air ducts to hold more air and operate more efficiently. If they are not insulated, a lot of conditioned air will be lost.

Benefits of fixing and redesigning air ducts

To avoid problems caused by air ducts, you need to hire a technician to redesign damaged air ducts. Some of the benefits include:

  • Cut cost of your energy bill
  • The home temperature will be more comfortable
  • Easier heating and cooling in your home

For your HVAC need to be working to reduce problems caused by air ducts. You need to repair and make sure your air ducts are designed accordingly. Air ducts often contain dust, mold, and mildew, make sure they are cleaned if you want clean air not only in your rooms but in the house in general.

How Can AirXperts help?

Here at AirXperts, we have skilled workers that can install or repair a poorly installed air ducts system. If you are unsure of the state of your air ducts system, we can do a full inspection to put your mind at ease.

Contact us online or call 304-562-7300 or 1-877-977-0791 when you’re ready!

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